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Ascend Into the New Age of Growth by Leveraging Cloud and AI

Our Services

Enterprise Cloud Transformation

We design cloud native architectures for our customers to leverage cutting edge technologies in Azure, AWS, GCP, Salesforce, Heroku.

Data Science Acceleration

Using the most advanced cloud, machine learning and open source technologies, we build data science solutions for our clients to enable them grow by leveraging data.  

SaaS Launch Services

With decades of senior-level experience at several companies, the team at Synergy Machines is ideally suited to work with clients to launch and manage their SaaS services.

Cloud Native Product Development

We develop cloud native platforms & products for our customers for their green-field requirements or legacy app modernization needs.

We Synergize With Your People

We are experts at synergizing with your teams and people to come up with innovative solutions which create sustainable competitive advantages for you. In our solution design, we firmly believe in we must help you rapidly ship products, applications and platforms. 

If a design is taking too long, the design is wrong and therefore the design must be modified to accelerate progress – Elon Musk

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